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Give the final beauty to your art work.
Immerse yourself in the world of fantasy and imagination.
Touch harmony with nature.
Feel the magic of music.

SALVADON © Music Project

Wetsworld Scoring Competition

I took part in a film music competition organized by Spitfire Audio and HBO for tv show Westworld.

© SALVADON Music Project by D.Dzieciolowski, creator and composer of mostly film and orchestra symphonic music. I create music for fun, it's my hobby, passion. Creating modern, classic, and symphonic music or soundtracks for films.

SALVADON - Outside

SALVADON - Outside | Original Composition for #OutsideCompetition organized by Orchestral Tools & StaffPad 2020

Commercial use music for TV,Films,Games,Animations



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SALVADON © Music Project

You'll feel the magic of music.

© Copyright 2020 Salvadon Music Project  - All Rights Reserved

© Salvadon, creator and composer of mostly film and symphonic music. All rights reserved. Creating modern and classic film and symphonic music. Composing music is my passion.

The name Salvadon ©  is an artistic nickname. You can buy a licence for music. Each license is discussed individually. If you need use music to commercial use, please contact us via email or use contact form .

Licence for personal use PDF   Cooperation with DreitArt 

All use of photos and graphics available on the site is prohibited. SALVADON © is a registered name.  About  Contact  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  Projects  License

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Spitfire Audio, Orchestral Tools, Native Instruments, Heavyocity, Audio Imperia, Sonuscore, 8Dio, Strezov Sampling, Output, Cinesamples, Sonokinetic, Fluffy Audio, Projectsam, Symphonic Orchestra

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